Bedroom Furniture in Trenton and Peterborough, ON

A bedroom featuring a wooden bedframe, night stand, and dresser and a tan bed set in Trenton, ON

New bedroom furniture can help create a tranquil, restful space that provides a respite from the outside world. Heritage Furniture is a member of a nationwide buying group, so you'll find affordable options from your favorite designer brands to build your perfect sanctuary.

Types of Bedroom Furniture

The most important pieces of furniture when it comes to the bedroom are the bed and the mattress. First, select the best bed size for your space and preference: twin, full, queen, king or even California king. Choosing a mattress is a critical decision, so it's important to visit the showroom and test out different types in person. Next, think about storage. Do you need a wardrobe, chest of drawers, trunk, bedside table or some combination of these items? This is also the time to consider dressing tables, under bed storage, mirrors and other large pieces. For a large bedroom, you might have space to add an upholstered piece like a sofa, chaise lounge or recliner.

Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture

Once you've decided which pieces you need, it's time to select furniture that works well with your lifestyle and the design of your home. Measuring the room and each item is essential to ensure the right fit and flow. For beds, you can choose from a range of styles, including a platform-style bed, a traditional option with a box spring or an ornate four-poster or canopy style. Storage needs are unique to your belongings, but they also depend on how much closet space your room contains. If you have a small closet, think about a wardrobe; otherwise, a dresser is often the best choice. Select items that are durable and classic, since you're making an investment that will last for years. You can always switch up the look of these pieces with new linens and accessories.

Heritage Furniture is proud to provide beautifully designed furniture for the homes of Trenton and Peterborough. To see our great bedroom selection, stop by the showroom today!

Once you've worked out the big decisions like which bed, mattress and storage works for the dimensions of the space, it's time to layer with texture, colour and all the details that make a bedroom comfy and cosy. Are you going to be sharing your bedroom with a partner?

Are children likely to be making themselves at home there? These questions are worth considering when it comes to storage and colour scheme, and of course the size of the bed itself.

Everyone needs a little inspiration; have a flick through your favourite interiors magazines or do a bit of online research to find examples of your ideal look. Make a statement or blend in?

Deciding on the overall look and feel of your room can be tricky, but once you have decided on a colour scheme and the all-important budget, the fun can really begin. Now, which look suits your fancy?

Pieces you'll need:
Bed: Will it be single, double, king size, kids?
Mattress: Foam or pocket coil?
Size and firmness? Pillows & duvets: What size, how soft and what filling?
Storage: Do you need a chest of drawers, wardrobe, trunk, bedside table or all of the above?
Accessories: Do you need a dressing table, mirror or any underbed storage?
Upholstery: Do you have enough extra space for a sofa or sofa bed, chaise longue or armchair?
Soft furnishings: Which throws, cushions, rugs and window dressings do you need to finish off
the look?

There's a bit of a process to buying and putting together your perfect bedroom, so we've put together a handy checklist to help you make sure everything comes together.

Measure the room and work out where the largest pieces will fit Which look are you going for? Would you like to mix and match or shop a collection? Coordinate options with existing furniture, or decide on a new scheme Ensure that bed linen and soft furnishings like pillows and throws are the right size.

Arrange for old furniture to be sold/given away to clear a space
Sit back and await your delivery
Have a great night's sleep in your new Heritage bedroom!