Sectional in Trenton and Peterborough, ON


When shopping for a new living room furniture, a sectional is the best choice if you need plenty of seating. This type of furniture is versatile and offers customizable configuration, allowing you to create the best solution for your space.

Advantages of Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are cozy, comfortable and can be arranged in any way that suits your room. For those who prefer a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic, sectionals look less busy than a grouping of sofa, loveseat, chairs and ottoman. Also, with modern sectionals that are shorter and deeper, it's no longer necessary to have a large room if you prefer a sectional.

Before bringing your sofa sectional home, visit our showroom and spend some time perusing the pieces we offer. This will help you to make the best decision for your home. Note whether the piece is comfortable, whether the arm height suits you and if the back and cushions are both comfortable and sturdy. You can even lie down on our showroom sectionals if you want to test out how cozy napping on the sofa would be at home.

Custom Configurations

Once you've chosen the sectional that's right for you, it's time to order based on your custom configurations. You can choose the number of pieces and also their shape. Start with the basic elements: a three-seat sofa and love seat. Next, you can opt to make either a sleeper or powered recliner, change the arms or the back or add a second loveseat for even more room to spread out. Single chairs with or without arms are also available.

If you choose an armless wedge, you can angle your sectional in a corner. Pairing this piece with two loveseats is a cosier option that's both practical and contemporary for smaller rooms. For an intimate vibe even in a large space, opt for a horseshoe-shaped configuration or a chaise lounge on one or both sides.

Large seat-height ottomans can provide storage space, emulate a chaise or even serve as a cocktail table. You can even opt for sofa and loveseat units with a back cushion that folds into a table. Additional custom pieces include stand-alone single armrests, cup holders, and consoles.

If you're in love with sectionals, note that weatherproof options allow these comfy sofas to work just as well outdoors as they do inside, perfect for Canadian porches.

Are you spending a lot of time shopping for the right sofa but can't seem to find one to fit your space and aesthetic? Consider the versatility of a customizable sectional. Request a quote to learn more about your custom options.

If you are planning to put your house on the market it’s important to understand the basics of staging. When it comes to staging rooms, and arranging furniture, there are often personalized and subjective choices to be made. Generally speaking, however, the goal is to highlight your home’s strengths and to downplay its weaknesses. Doing so will help to appeal to the greatest possible number of prospective buyers. Consider some of these general guidelines from England Furniture as you begin to stage your living room.

Light it up!
Make sure you have light sources all around the room and that every corner gets attention. Keep light balanced. If, for example, you have end tables on either side of your sofa, have matching lamps on either side.

Pack it up!
Pack up unnecessary furniture (and personal items) before you show the house to prospective buyers. An overpacked living room is a warning sign to buyers that your home lacks storage space. Move furniture to your garage or a storage facility. Many professional stagers prepped for market by taking away almost half of the owner’s furnishings, and the house looks much bigger as a result. You don’t necessarily need to cut that much, but be sure to take some pieces out of the room.England Furniture Living Room Staging Tips.

Bring it in!
There’s a common belief that living rooms will appear larger if all of the furniture is up against the walls. This isn’t true! If necessary, furnish your living room by keeping furniture away from walls. Create a cozy, conversational area with your sofa and chairs in the center. Place pieces so that the traffic flow in a room is obvious. Symmetrical arrangements usually work well in a living room.

Use Your Rugs Too!
It’s important to show your living room flooring, but you also want to use large area rugs in the living room. A smaller rug will make a small room seem even smaller. Place the rug underneath at least the first set of legs of your couch or chairs to create a cohesive look. Generally speaking, furniture looks better when all the furniture is on them.

A sectional sofa is extremely comfortable and it can provide ample seating for your family or for entertaining. It’s a large piece of furniture, however, and its’ size can make it difficult to arrange the room in a functional way. Some people are hesitant to buy sectional sofas for this reason,but with a better understanding of furniture placement, you can create a comfortable atmosphere with a sectional that will work in almost any space.

Achieve Balance
Creating a sense of balance is important. Sectional sofas are large and a room can quickly appear to be weighed down on one side. Position your sectional sofa across from other big pieces of furniture, such as a large armchair, a big entertainment stand, a noticeable fireplace, or a big bookcase. While you may be tempted to separate the pieces of your sectional, avoid the temptation. Doing this often throws off a sense of balance and creates an awkward looking room.

Accessibility and Openness
If you have a good amount of square footage, place the longest section of a sectional into the corner that is opposite the entry into your room. This will create a sense of space that will appear easily accessible, inviting, and open. If the sectional sofa includes an armless, interchangeable chaise lounge, keep it away from the entry side. The chaise should be out of the way to avoid tripping. You also want to avoid having to walk around to sit.

Create a Good Sense of Flow
Sectional sofas initially seem awkward to position in your room. Many individuals tend to place large furnishings up against walls, assuming that’s the only option. It isn’t! The middle of the room can often be the perfect place for your sectional as placing it in the middle enables you to use an otherwise open space. It also makes every seat of sectional accessible and the wall space can be used for other pieces of furniture. Try placing your coffee table or the sectional’s footstool in the centre of the room and then place your sectional sofa in – and around – the coffee table or stool. Make sure you leave room for accessing each seat and room for the recliner’s footstool.